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New webinar on MS Project 2010

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New York City MPUG chapter presents WebnLearn: Harnessing the Power of New Features of MS 2010 (1 PDU); Nov. 23, 2010 18:00 (CET). Register here.

Teaser from MPUG:
Dale Howard, noted author, speaker, and Microsoft Project MVP, will present Harnessing the Power of the New Features in Microsoft Project 2010. In this lively presentation, Dale will show you how to harness the power of some of the new features included in the Microsoft Project 2010 desktop application, including the following:
• Customizing the Ribbon and the Quick Access menu
• Using a Highlight filter
• Using Manually Scheduled tasks to plan for undefined tasks
• Using the Inactivate feature to cancel an unnecessary task
• Using, formatting, and exporting the Timeline view
• Creating a custom field using the Add New Column virtual column

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