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Delete a project on Project Server (PWA) 2013

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Doing all your tests, you might have a lot of “Test Project 1”, “My new test project”, “aaaa project” on your project center… This is how to delete one project.
Click on the Settings button, and click on PWA Settings.

PWA Settings page is displayed.

Under Queue and Database Administration, click on the Delete Enterprise Objects link.

To delete a project, select Projects on the section What do you want to delete from Project Web App?
You might also want to Delete draft and published projects. You also have the opportunity to Delete the connected SharePoint sites.

Note that if you don’t delete the associated SharePoint site, you will receive an error the next time you will create a project with the same name as the deleted one, while publishing the site.

Click on Delete and that’s it. Be careful as deleted projects cannot be retrieved.

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