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How to create MS Project task that auto extend if project is delayed

Someone asked me how I used to set up a task that is supposed to last the entire project (like Project Management task, or weekly meeting) and auto-update its end date if the project is delayed. Here is how to create such task:

This is my simple project file

I will create a new task #1 for project Management.
I copy the start date cell of the project summary task (Task #0), right click on the cell and select Copy Cell.

Then the idea is to paste this cell as a link on the Project Management task start date. Right click on the cell and click Paste Special.

On the paste special window, select Paste Link and Text Data, and then click on OK.

Note that the bottom right corner of the cell contains this grey triangle which means that the cell is linked to something.

Repeat this for the End Date.
If we now open the Task Inspector for this task, we see that there is a Finish No Earlier Than constraint type.
Let’s modify another task, for example let’s put 5 days for task 1’s duration.
 Note that the Project Management task has been extended until the new project end date.


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How to synchronize Microsoft Project file with SharePoint task list

This post will show you how you can synchronize tasks from your Microsoft Project planning with SharePoint. This is typically addressed to users/companies that do not want to invest in the full version of Project server, but can share task list and project information with some stakeholders.

Create a Microsoft Project simple project
Here is a very simple project that contains 2 summary tasks with 3 subtasks for each of them.

Create a task list in SharePoint
Open your SharePoint site, go on view all site content and click on Create.


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