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Explained to myself, what is Twitter?

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I have created my Twitter account few days ago and did not really find the "Good" way to use it.
I found this free webinar from ITMPI about "Using Twitter in the Enterprise". As it was quite interesting, let me share some resources around Twitter.
This webinar was presented by Edward Yourdon (Find him on Wikipedia, or on his blog). Slides of this presentation can be donwloaded here.

Let's start with a nice video that present Twitter called Twitter in plain English.

Amongs many other, here are some Twitter client-based programs:
  • Seesmic: presented as the best Twitter client for Desktop, Web and Mobile, manage multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook feeds and pages and access Twitter Lists.
  • Twhirl: a desktop client for the Twitter microblogging platform, powered by Adobe AIR
  • TweetDeck: a simple and fast way to experience Twitter
  • Tweetie: An iPhone/iPad client.
Some articles:
Also some tools that can be usefull (honestly, i did not try any so...)
  • TweetStats: In ur Tweets, Graphin' Your Stats!
  • TweetCube allows you to share files on Twitter
  • Displayed as a cloud, tweetclouds: Quickly view 'what's being said' across the Twittersphere
  • Twitterfone to... guess what, microblog over mobile phone.

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