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Microsoft Project Server 2010 resources

I recently have to deliver a series of workshops and trainings for one of my client about doing Project and Portfolio Management using Microsoft Project Server 2010. I will blog later on some interesting part of this area but in the meantime I wanted to share with you a list of useful resources on Microsoft Project Server 2010 I found while creating my presentation and training materials.


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How to recreate a damaged msdb Database

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I just face this problem in one of my projects, MSDB database was damaged and I did not have any backup of it. After Googling a long time, I found many links with some true and false tips. Finally I managed to find the correct way and wanted to share it with you.
There is one important aspect to mention here, if you recreate a new MSDB database using the method I will describe here, this will eliminate all the information stored in MSDB such as jobs, alert, maintenance plans, Database Mail… Find what the MSDB is used for in this MSDN article.

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