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SQL Server Edition for Your Needs

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What I found on those certifications is some questions around what version of SQL server to use in specific case.
This page, Choose the Right Edition for Your Needs, on the Microsoft website, describes each available version of SQL Server 2008 and their characteristics. I don’t want to re-write this page but in few words, what’s need to be known for the exam is:
·         Core Editions, including Enterprise and Standard edition are used in medium to large company environment. These versions contain advances tools and features
·         Specialized Editions, Workgroup, Web and Developer are departmental solutions; the key word is low-cost solution.
·         SQL Server 2008 Express (Free Edition) Entry level database, ideal for learning and ISV redistribution
·         SQL Server Compact 3.5 (Free Edition) Embedded database for developing desktop and mobile applications

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