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Project Virtual Conference 2015 session: Successful business value realization with Lean Startup and Project Online

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Friday October 23rd, I had the chance to be speaker at the first Project Virtual Conference
As introduced by the conference team: “Project Virtual Conference 2015 is the first-ever online conference that is dedicated to Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online, that will run for a continuous 24 hours”.
The Project Virtual Conference 2015 in numbers is 1400+ registered attendees, from 76 different countries, and 61 sessions (the list of sessions is below).
My session was: Successful business value realization with Lean Startup and Project Online. The idea was to merge Portfolio Analysis with Lean Startup principles.

Here is the session abstract
To develop their business and products, Coltham Metalhead, a beer brewing start-up, has put in place the Lean Startup Method in order to support their fast growing business. They have combine this practice with a Portfolio Management Methodology, based on the Standard for Portfolio Management from the Project Management Institute. Their Project lifecycle starts with demand management and project ideation through their innovation hub, then the portfolio management process helps the decision making process to select the right projects to run and finally project management techniques help ensure projects are successfully delivered. In this presentation, the focus will be on the Portfolio management principles, and how Coltham Metalhead, hence yourself, can apply Project Management Institute’s standards on Portfolio management and lean start-up philosophy within project Online. By creating what if scenarios (based on risks, costs¦), they ensure they are “doing the right work”.

Have fun watching the recorded

Here is the list of Project Virtual Conference 2015 sessions:
UTC Time
22 Oct 2015 2:00 PM UTC
2:00 PM UTC
Key Note: Beyond 2015: The Shape of Things to Come for Microsoft Project
Sajan Parihar
22 Oct 2015 3:00 PM UTC
3:00 PM UTC
Waterfall and Agile: The benefits of living together in Project Online / Server
Alexander Rodov
3:00 PM UTC
Putting the "Power" into Power BI with new Project Online BI features
Mike McLean
22 Oct 2015 4:00 PM UTC
4:00 PM UTC
PMO Resource Strategies, Monitoring and Automation
Michael Wharton
4:00 PM UTC
Project Online BI Made Easy
Paul Mather
4:00 PM UTC
Project Online Data Visualization with FluentPro EPM Pulse for PMO and Executives
Anton Kravstov
22 Oct 2015 5:00 PM UTC
5:00 PM UTC
Customer Story: Whiteboard & Excel Scheduling to Enterprise Product Launch Management with Project Professional
Cindy Lewis
5:00 PM UTC
Implementing Gartner's PPM Reporting recommendations in Project Online and Project Server
Steve Caseley
5:00 PM UTC
Automate Business Processes with Workflow
Scott Clausen
22 Oct 2015 6:00 PM UTC
6:00 PM UTC
Resource Engagements:Now PMs and RMs can be friends!
Julie Kohler
6:00 PM UTC
Power BI and Project Online: Business Intelligence is necessary, but can also be fun
Allan Rocha, Andre Xavier
6:00 PM UTC
Automate your status reports
Trutz-Sebastian Stephani
22 Oct 2015 7:00 PM UTC
7:00 PM UTC
Mastering Master Projects
Gord Schimdt
7:00 PM UTC
Reporting in Project Client
Barbara Henhapl, Torben Blankertz
7:00 PM UTC
Heather Champoux-Rayner. Matthew Willey
22 Oct 2015 8:00 PM UTC
8:00 PM UTC
Advanced Microsoft Project Techniques: Focusing on Scheduling and Resource Management
Jacques Groupil
8:00 PM UTC
Managing the Accelerated Insertion of Project Online
Ramu Iyer
8:00 PM UTC
Introduction to Project VBA – how to boost your productivity
Rod Gill
22 Oct 2015 9:00 PM UTC
9:00 PM UTC
A look at Large Program Schedule Success. Making it happen with the Tool and with your Stakeholders
George Haney
9:00 PM UTC
Extracting Data from the Black Hole: Creating Custom Views in Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013
Dale Howard
9:00 PM UTC
Learn how a Dynamic Approach to Reallocation can Increase Project & Portfolio ROI with Microsoft Project Online/Server
Ben Chamberlain
22 Oct 2015 10:00 PM UTC
10:00 PM UTC
Successful use of Scrum & Agile with Project & Project Server / Project Online
Tim Runcie
10:00 PM UTC
Managing Project Cash Flow Using Microsoft Project
Tony Zink
10:00 PM UTC
Strategic Vision planning, executing and success
David Ducolon
22 Oct 2015 11:00 PM UTC
11:00 PM UTC
A Sneaky Use of Visibility Projects for Smart Work Management
Gary Chefetz
11:00 PM UTC
Tips and Tricks in Troubleshooting issues with Project and Project Server
Brian Smith
11:00 PM UTC
Resource Planning Made Easy
Greg Bailey
23 Oct 2015 12:00 AM UTC
12:00 AM UTC
Resource Plans: When and How
James Bulmer
12:00 AM UTC
PPM from the Executive's Perspective
Bill Raymond
23 Oct 2015 1:00 AM UTC
1:00 AM UTC
Reporting Best Practices
Tani Iffat
1:00 AM UTC
It's all about the Base: Tracking and Variance in MS Project
Julie Sheets
1:00 AM UTC
Tips and tricks in using MS Project/Project Server
Ellen Lehnert
23 Oct 2015 2:00 AM UTC
2:00 AM UTC
Hammers are for Nails
Larry Christapharo
2:00 AM UTC
One Year in the Life of a Program Manager
Aviva Carmen
23 Oct 2015 3:00 AM UTC
3:00 AM UTC
Supercharge Your Project Sites
Lou Bachi
23 Oct 2015 4:00 AM UTC
4:00 AM UTC
Five incorrect way's to use Microsoft Project stand alone version
Erik van Hurck
4:00 AM UTC
Reporting in Project Online for Dummies
Oleksiy Prosnitskyy
23 Oct 2015 5:00 AM UTC
5:00 AM UTC
Using Your Mind to Quickly Structure Your Next Project Plan, When Collaboration Is Key
Jigs Gaton
5:00 AM UTC
Leveraging Nintex for Project Management Nirvana
Alex Burton
23 Oct 2015 6:00 AM UTC
6:00 AM UTC
Task Types - Final Demistification
Nenad Trajkovski
6:00 AM UTC
Project Status Reporting and Analyzing system
Poskrebysheva Ekaterina
23 Oct 2015 7:00 AM UTC
7:00 AM UTC
How to manage your resource pool in the most effective manner utilising Microsoft Office 365 – Project Online.
Marc Soester
7:00 AM UTC
Cost management in MS Project Pro
Guillaume Royre
23 Oct 2015 8:00 AM UTC
8:00 AM UTC
80% of Project Management is communication and collabaration, so what can the Microsoft Project do for you
Ben Howard
8:00 AM UTC
Resource Manager vs Project Manager. Coordinate your team plan with project demand
Vadim Bogdanov
23 Oct 2015 9:00 AM UTC
9:00 AM UTC
Successful business value realization with Lean Startup and Project Online
Jeremy Cottino
9:00 AM UTC
Proven resource and cost management solutions for the enterprise
Steffen Reister
23 Oct 2015 10:00 AM UTC
10:00 AM UTC
Integrated Project Planning as a way to improve Organizations efficiency and visibility
João Neto
10:00 AM UTC
Microsoft Project for Everyone
Dan McDonald
23 Oct 2015 11:00 AM UTC
11:00 AM UTC
Being Agile with Microsoft Project
Steve Caseley
11:00 AM UTC
Learn how to use Power BI with Project Online
Patricia Davidson
11:00 AM UTC
Visio Timelines for Project Managers
James Price
23 Oct 2015 12:00 AM UTC
12:00 PM UTC
Eli, Critical Chain , Portfolios and Microsoft Project
Collin Quiring
12:00 PM UTC
Ch-Ch-Change: Mass User Adoption
Pete Evangelista
12:00 PM UTC
Using InfoPath Web Form for Project Request Intake
Faisal Masood, Yasir Masood
23 Oct 2015 1:00 PM UTC
1:00 PM UTC
Creating a Critical Path Indicator with Microsoft Project
Raphael Santos
1:00 PM UTC
No Process No Project
Ken Jones
1:00 PM UTC
Program Management With MS-Project Server & Matan MasterLink
Irit Kiselstein
23 Oct 2015 2:00 PM UTC
2:00 PM UTC
Integrating Schedule and Resources Across Multiple Projects in Complex Program Management Environments
Ted Barth
2:00 PM UTC
Ten ways to improve your Project Server Implementation
Stephen O'Connor
2:00 PM UTC
Learn How Adding Financial Controls Makes Microsoft Project Online/Server an Even Better PPM Solution
Ben Chamberlain

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