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My first PMI Swiss Chapter speech about Project Server

Tuesday, 9. Sep. 2014, I had the chance to be the speaker for a special event of the PMI Swiss chapter. The presentation was given in Lausanne at the Olympic Museum and the subject was:
How can Microsoft Project Server help you achieve your business objectives?

I wanted to share here this experience, through the slide deck I used during this speech and some pictures.
The event description I have created to present my speech, was the following.

Many project managers know and use Microsoft Project as their favorite application for project scheduling, but do they know the benefits of Microsoft Project Server? This presentation demonstrates how Microsoft Project Server can help a company achieve its business objectives through Project Portfolio Management. In complex business environments, collaboration is critical for demand management, capacity planning, project governance, resource management, defining team roles and responsibilities, etc. Microsoft Project Server, and its project and portfolio management concept, can assist project team members and business decision makers in their daily routines and help structure their projects from their basic beginnings to their successful completions.
To bring the concept of Microsoft Project Server to life, our speaker, Jeremy Cottino will introduce you to four characters of the Daisy Town Corp and how Microsoft Project Server can influence their day to day activities to help them achieve their project goals.
·         Joe, the head of PMO. Joe tries to influence his company's project managers to use his project management methodology. For him, methodology is, of course, not a burden but an essential element in any project coming to fruition. Joe is also in charge of project ideation in the company.
·         William, the portfolio manager. William is in charge of delivering the required and expected business value through portfolio prioritization and optimizing the appropriate resources.
·         Jack, the delivery team manager. Jack's job is to be able to allocate resources across projects. He plans and adjusts his projects based on what resources are needed vs what resources his company actually has.
·         Averell, the consultant. Averell is a famous and influential consultant who plays an objective role in advising the company on project management. He will analyze prerequisites and cost of the implementation of Microsoft Project Server and give some alternatives.
Please join us for this event, where Microsoft Project Server will be presented for a non-technical audience, without any marketing and sales pitches.

For those who know comics, you may have noticed that the named used are inspired by Lucky Luke comics series created by Morris.

Some pictures was taken to immortalize this event.

The main entrance of the Olympic Museum.

Portfolio analysis

Portfolio comparison

Smiling guy

Explaining the resource plan

Thank you

The proud graduate

It was a great pleasure for me to live this experience. To be repeated…


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