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10 Questions PMs Should Know the Answer To

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I read an interesting article by Philip R. Diab about what are the 10 questions a project manager should know the answer to, here they are:
  1. Why did we undertake the project and is that reason still valid?
  2. What will it take to make the customers/stakeholders happy once the project is complete?
  3. Where are we?  Which tasks were completed and which ones are left?
  4. How much of the budget has been expended and how much is left?
  5. How close are we to the finish line (resources & tasks)?
  6. Do key stakeholders understand where things are with the project?
  7. Are there critical (high probability/high impact) risks that may cause the project to derail?
  8. What are the top issues the project is facing and causing delays?
  9. Are team members optimistic or pessimistic about the project’s chances of success?
  10. What happens when all the deliverables are complete?

The full article can be read on Philip R. Diab’s blog, I really encourage you to read it and other papers he published.

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